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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with concerns of the commission, some frequently asked questions are answered: 

What will we discuss during the consultation?


We will cover as many aspects as possible. Generally these include original ideas, materials and stones preference, styles, budgets, and deadline. And don’t worry if you have no ideas as this is what I am here for.

Why do you charge a 'non-refundable fixed design charge'?

The charge is to ensure the client is serious about the commission and to be used as compensation for the time used in developing the design concept in occasion of early cancellation of the work.

How do you determine the price on the invoices? 


The estimated invoice is based on the choice of materials/stones and the complexity of the design. The final invoice corrects this amount according to the actual cost of the materials/stones and the creation process.

What will be included in the 'design concepts'?

The design concepts include sketches of the final piece along with description where necessary, choices of materials, an expected completion time and an estimated invoice.

How long does it take to create the jewellery?


The time it takes to complete a jewellery piece varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. An estimated timescale will be provided to you before carrying out the work.

Can you create a design based on a photo?


Yes, but there are limitations. Please notice that I cannot create an jewellery based on a copyrighted photo, licensed design or another designer’s work unless the copyright holder provides written permission.

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