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'There has to be a sense of joy, escapism and fantasy in the jewellery we choose to wear.'


                                                    Jing Jing MiCHELE


Sketches and Paint ups of 'Memento Mori' Collection

From the Left to the Right:


'Dark' Ring, 'Bright' Necklace, 'Dark' Necklace, 'Bright' Bangle, and 'Dark' Bangle

Design Process of 'Memento Mori' Collection

Below: Bangle - Special Design for PEWTER LIVE 2011

Jewellery creations with Jing Jing MiCHELE have provided the possibility of sharing in the emotion of the creative process and bringing unique pieces of jewellery to life.

Figurative Jewellery

Before an article of jewellery is created, design concepts are delineated via detailed technical drawings generated by sketching out ideas to visualise a piece of jewellery. Traditional hand-drawing and drafting methods are utilized in designing jewellery particularly at the conceptual stage, but a shift to computer-aided design programs is taking place.


Once ideation is complete, the design is rendered and fabricated using the necessary materials for proper adaptation to the function of the jewellery.
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