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Inspired by the vast collection of Victorian masterpieces in V&A while bring in the art effect of light and shadow, a sculptural jewellery collection has been created to interpret Memento Mori in an unique way through reflecting the interdependent relation between life and death.


The collection consists of two sets including ruffs / head pieces, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and rings. To distinguish the two sets of the collection and further illustrating the connections between them, materials of different properties are utilised to complete the concept. Finding negative space is applied to illuminate that the contrary sets are not contradicting each other, but in fact completes one another. As the life and death reunite, the two main pieces of the collection can be worn together as one.

​The collection also suggests an obsession with Victoriana, which steer well clear of any vintage aesthetic.


The Shells

More of MiCHELE's collections are coming soon ...

Memento Mori

Collection statement is coming soon ...


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